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Q'anil - Sexual Education and Youth Development

[Project Update - November, 2011]

Baking for a Better Life

What used to be no more than a lonely bus stop on a winding, mountain road, is now the recreational center of a small indigenous community, where many youth and their families come together drawn by the inviting smell of fresh baked breads and sweets and to see the novelty of a group of youth from their community working together to build a different future.

Xevitz workingEight youth from the small community of Xevitz located in the northern Cuchumatanes mountains of Guatemala, recently began the arduous process of together building a dream that would transform their reality. 

“Before we organized this youth group, none of us had anything to do and we spent the majority of our time searching for work in other parts, because here there are never any opportunities for youth,” said Max Cobo, the visionary leader of the group. 

“With this small bakery project, we now have the opportunity to do something with our lives and to learn a profession,” added Max.

The youth from Xevitz meet three times a week to bake quality bread and sweets in their traditional, clay oven that they then sell in their community. The afternoons when they sell their products, their bakery becomes the social center of their community.Xevitz Youth

“With the arrival of MCC to our communities, we as youth were able to develop a vision that helped us create a better future for ourselves and our community.  We feel motivated, because for the first time we as youth have the opportunity to learn how to bake different types of breads.  But really, it isn´t only the bakery that motivates us, but rather the opportunity that we now have to better our lives.”