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SpotlightGenerations Projects in Laos

MCC-Laos is working in Sang Thong because of the existing relationship they have with the district. Young people in the area are exposed to ongoing risk of HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections (STI) and other risky behaviours. MCC Laos is working with peer educators to address these issues.

Advocate for change: HIV/AIDS

Canada may be one step closer to fulfilling its promise to provide life-saving medicines for those in developing countries facing devastating, but treatable, diseases. You can help!


[Generations Project] Kenya Mennonite Church Generations - MCC partner KMC - Kenya Mennonite Church is working to implement support programs for People Living with HIV/AIDS, alongside education to prevent the spread of HIV. Rose works with KMC as the leader of a number of support groups for People Living with HIV (PLHA)  in Kisumu, Kenya where there is a large Mennonite population.  [Read more]

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